SPN CYCLE is a unique OPEN AIR cycling facility in Kailua-Kona Hawaii offering its residents, local athletes and visiting island guests a spin and cycling center on the Big Island using power-based cycle training for improved fitness and performance. SPN CYCLE is happy to introduce the most advanced spinning bike around, The Stages SC3 Cycle Bike - not your typical spin/stationary bike, but a highly advanced spinning machine. With heart pumping music, SPN CYCLE’s instructors will have the experience to motivate members to a higher standard of physical endurance. If you’re not familiar with spinning, stop by and ask away! Or better yet, let me crank up the studio’s powerful JBL sound system, hop on a bike and I’ll demonstrate what spinning is all about! Best of all… it’s about letting GO, having fun, and striving to work harder to be your absolute best. Once we’ve started moving into our space, stop by the OPEN AIR studio and say hello! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter informing you of our latest classes and upcoming events and the grand opening of SPN CYCLE.

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