For many years the people of the Ocean View Hawaii community have talked about the idea of having a skatepark. We are still moving forward to make this idea come true! Now we have grown to a community wide project that has been approved to get this skatepark built! We aim to fulfill the dreams of many youth and families. We are working together to cultivate community support and generate awareness and funding to build a free-to-use public skatepark in Ocean View. A free-to-use public outdoor skatepark is our goal. This will provide our children a safe and accessible place that encourages habitual fitness activity and community engagement! We have a Skatepark Advocacy Group that hosts fundraisers and workshops. We now have a fiscal sponsor for our approved funds account for our skatepark project. Our fiscal sponsor is the Kalananihale Non-Profit group. We now have a site location being prepared for the project. We are working on a skatepark design that would best serve the community.

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