Dear Patients It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to inform you that ‘Io Eye Center LLC will be closing effective 2/19/2021. I will be retiring from ophthalmology practice at this time to attend to my own health. I thank you for the honor and privilege of allowing us to care for you and your eyes. My last day for office visits will be Thursday, 2/18/2021, and Dr. Nguyen’s last day will be Friday, 2/19/2021. Our staff will be available February 22-26, 2021 by phone to help transition your medical records. For your future care, I am happy to report that Bennett Eye Institute has agreed to provide ongoing comprehensive and retina-specialty eye care for you. They have locations in both Hilo and Kona, and I have maintained good relationships with their team of ophthalmologists and optometrists. I trust that they will take good care of you. You may contact them at 808-329-2010 for an appointment. We take your privacy seriously and do not transfer your medical records without your permission. Please call us to request a release of information form so we can transfer your records for continuity of care. While I sincerely hope that you choose ongoing care with the Bennett Eye Institute Team, you may also request to transfer your records to the provider of your choice. Your insurance can assist you in finding a provider that works with your plan. ‘Io Eye Center LLC will assist with medical record requests up to Friday February 26, 2021. After that, medical record requests should be addressed to and will be handled by Morgan Medical Record Management. You may contact their Medical Records Department by email: Medical@MorganRM.com; phone: 1-800-604-3994; fax: 1-603-606-1126; or visit morganrecordsmanagement.com and request your records online for a nominal fee. Please note that there may be a transition period from the time we close until the time Morgan Records Management has access to our charts during data transfer so ‘Io Eye Center LLC may not appear on their provider list during this period. If you anticipate needing your records between the end of February and early March 2021, please contact our office to request them before we close. I know the past 12 months has been an especially challenging period for everyone, and I wish each of you strength, health, and perseverance in the coming year. Warm Regards and Much Aloha, Susannah Mistr, MD And on behalf of Khoa Nguyen, OD

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